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Evergreen Cemetery

My name is Bonnie Jean MacDonald and I have been researching my family for over 15 years now.

I have retired my client business and from the Association of Professional Genealogists and the Puget Sound Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists

I am now the Past Newsletter Editor of the Washington State Genealogical Society. They have a new website: and a new blog.

This is not the end of my interest in genealogy, I am just going in a different direction.  Recently I attended the 2015 Delano Kindred Reunion in San Diego, California and have been contributing to Find A Grave this last year.

I have created several blogs in order to write about my family and what I have discovered.  It helps to keep me sane!  I am writing because I want to eventually compile books about the family.  I have no children of my own except for the furry kind, so I am highly motivated.  One of my clients lost his grandmother’s research and I helped to recreate as much as I could but still it is not the same.  Walking in the footsteps of another is really a fun endeavor.  My inspiration was my cousin Paul H. Goss who died in 1963.  He did a great deal on the Goss Family research and he is the one who inspired several of my blogs.

On the right side of this blog you will find links to blogs I like and my other blogs.  I have used Blogger and WordPress over the years.  Each has its own interesting way of doing things.

All my blogs interrelate and are all are parts of my family tree.

I started with my Dad’s side of the family with the blog: The Man Who Lived Airplanes:  The Life of Keith B. MacDonald to celebrate him and his love of airplanes.  My dad’s mother was Grace Barclay McDonald the daughter of George and Amarilla, the subjects of this blog.   This is about my surname of MacDonald with a little Barclay thrown in to show the connection to this blog.

On my mom’s side there is the blog about The Boardmans and Browns of Winnipeg, A Canadian Story  I have met several cousins on this blog and never dreamed I would get as far as I have with the research.  I am now not just a mix of English and Scottish but officially Irish as well!

Photographs of cemeteries visited were collecting dust and not helping others so I decided to create a blog about these cemeteries and share my finds:  BJM’s Cemetery Discoveries can be found at this link:  You actually might see references to this blog about a particular cemetery if it has something to do with my family.  Other cemeteries were visited when I was helping clients with their research.  There are also links to check out for researching cemeteries and more.

I have done two genealogical research trip blogs starting with Pennsylvania Wanderings  This blog is getting old and the links are starting to go bad.  If you go there and have a problem email me and I will see if I can help.  This was about the Goss Family and visiting the family historical sites in the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania area where they migrated to about 1769 from Massachusetts.

The Goss Family is connected through my great grandmother Amarilla Spracklin who is featured on this blog on my Dad’s side of the family.

She has a lineage that goes deep into the 1600’s in Massachusetts.  I traveled around Massachusetts in April of 2011. It covers my visits to the Goss sites as far east as Lancaster.  Massachusetts Meanderings and More…:

I even discuss a little about my Barclay research in Connecticut in this blog and the visits to several cemeteries which I will eventually feature on this blog.

These two genealogical research trips Pennsylvania Wanderings & Massachusetts Meanderings are completed and I will not add much to them.  Eventually both will be meshed into the blog that is called:  Solomon Goss of Fearing Township in Ohio

Solomon Goss was my 4th great-grandfather.  It was his ancestor Philip Goss who settled in Roxbury sometime in the late 1600’s and is buried in the Old Settlers Cemetery in Lancaster, Massachusetts in 1698.  His youngest daughter Lydia married John Andrews Spracklin, Amarilla’s grandparents.   I also wrote about my genealogical research trip to Ohio in August/September of 2011 including the highlights in several posts rather than a separate blog.

This is a big undertaking so mistakes or errors can be made.  On all my blogs I am setting up a category called Updates and Corrections.  If you visit and see something you like you might want to check back to make sure I didn’t add or make a correction.  I will use the strike out so you can see what was changed.  If it is a simple error in grammer that is not changing the context I will correct it with out much fuss.

You can follow me, or fill out the email subscription which is very easy to do and then you will get a new post in your email so you can see what is happening.  It is on the right side of the blog.  The other suggestion is that you make a comment, just remember that this is not email so keep your comments on the subject matter and not about you.  I do have editing rights and will make sure you are okay before I approve a comment.

Thanks for stopping by, Bonnie

Updated October 1, 2015

10 thoughts on “Items of Interest!

  1. Hi Bonnie Jean, I am a family researcher and would love to learn more of your current family. My interest comes from a neighbor of my family, Beulah Spracklin Harris. She was a niece of Amarilla Spracklin Barclay, and is in my family tree because of marriages, etc. but not a blood relative. I do however trace each person’s family as far as I can, and believe I found some information, relative to Martha M Barclay in CT. Hope to hear from you, Rob Stinson, Duluth, MN

    • Rob: Beulah is a daughter of Virda Huston Spracklin…He is my great grandmother Amarilla’s half brother or one of them. HA! I am so glad to hear from you. I would love to share information. In time I will dig deeper into George A. Barclay’s siblings but that is not going to be for a while. I am in the early 1880’s and the siblings were not discovered till 1906 when I obtained Alexander Barclay’s probate file. This blog is a big and is going to take time to write all the information I have. You might want to visit my Massachusetts Meanderings and search for Barclay posts. I did do some work on Martha when I was there in Connecticut back in April 2011 just recently. I have not placed it on the Barclay blog yet my findings.

  2. Bonnie and Rob: Beulah Harris is my great aunt. My grandmother, Lola is her sister and Virda my Great grandfather. I am working on the Spracklin information and hope to have some of it synced to Ancestry. I have been to Brainard a number of times with my parents, when I was younger. I plan on stopping up there this summer with my two grand-daughters to do some more research… Any tips and information as to where to go would be greatly appreciated… lThanks.

    Pat Stoudt,
    Orion, IL

    • Pat: I just checked my Legacy database and I have both Beulah and Lola and at least 9 children for Virda and Lille. I do have the husbands but that is about it. So that is good you are taking this on. When you get your information on Ancestry, let me know and I will inform others as well when I talk about what I know about Virda which is not much. That will be when I post about Daniel’s death in 1915 and that is a ways away. This is so wonderful. I knew there were more cousins out there and I love meeting them. Tips and information is why I am writing these blogs. I have the links to major repositories on the side for you to check out. I did not blog my trip to Iowa that idea did not come till later. I will mention it and give tips as I go along. In Iowa the Historical Society is the biggy and that is in Des Moines and Iowa City. Also the Iowa Genealogical Society they are very good repositories.

  3. Hello. I am Laurie Marie Harris, (now Peterson). I am the granddaughter of Beulah Spracklin Harris. My father is David Harris. Beulah was married to Anderson Harris. Not sure if that can help at all in your research efforts.

    • Laurie: Welcome cousin. I have very little on Beulah Spracklin Harris, I have that she married Elmer Ernest Harris on 27 Sept, 1927 in Jerauld, South Dakota. She is of course a daughter of Virda Huston Spracklin and Lillie Mae Amdsen. Do you know Pat Stoudt she is a descendant of Virda and Lillie as well. Let me contact you off the web and you can tell me more about your family. So glad to meet you. I will be posting about Virda in a future post once I get the Barclay siblings completed. So keep and eye out.

  4. Hello!
    I am interested in Henry Marclay. He and his wife came from St. Paul on the same flat-boat that Daniel Apgar and wife were passengers going to Shakopee in 1852. The story I have was that they built a shanty with poles, barks, and a few boards. Within 4 days after arrival, a son was born to them on June 1, 1852. He lived just 4 days, and was buried at the top of the Minnesota River bank near where it was born.

    Anyway, I am interested in Shakopee history, and thought maybe you might know more!

    David Schleper

    • In my post Tracking John Barclay to Minnesota, I found this book about the early years of the state’s history “History of the Minnesota Valley, including the Explorers and Pioneers of Minnesota and History of the Sioux Massacre, by Rev. Edward D. Neill and Charles S. Bryant published in 1882, Eagle Creek, [Shakopee, Scott Co., Minnesota], page 315. This book is at Internet Archive:, My John Barclay is briefly mentioned in the pages as settling in Shakopee in 1853. I have visited Shakopee but I have not really delved into the history of that city. You will also find books that are like journals of trips and I have featured them throughout my blog regarding the parts that are mostly about George Barclay son of John. Good luck in your search.

  5. Hi I am Clifford Spracklin (Amos’ brothers) granddaughter. I was able to go out to the ranch in Jordan with my mother Mable when I was about 13. My Grandfather Clifford was a sheep herder at the time and lived outside of Miles City in a sheep wagon. I find your blogs wonderful. I personally knew Amos and Ivy as we called Iva. I found the area my mother lived at until she was 12 very rough. Those folks had a pretty hard life! Thank you for sharing all your dates, obituaries and other information. I would love to see what you have on the Goss family since they are my relatives also. I live in Hamilton Montana. Thank you again!

    • Hello Sherri: Thanks for stopping by. I have visited Bertha several times in Miles City and she has taken us to the ranch as well. She is really the one you should thank. She did a lot of research on the family in the early 1980’s and shared it with me. Gave me permission to use it. I have a little about Mable and David Welch but not much. Bertha is very proud of her ranching heritage. Because Amos and Ivy had girls Bertha said she sort of took over being the tomboy for Amos and helped him. On the right side of each of the blogs is a list of my other blogs. You are on my Barclay Blog because Amarilla my great grandmother was a Spracklin but she was of the 1st wife of Daniel D. Spracklin, she was Elizabeth Keller. Sarah was his 2nd wife and had Lydia, Virda, Reed (your line father of Amos and Clifford), Daniel, Peter, Charles, and Alfred. So I come done from the 1st marriage which was Henry, Oliver, Mary and my Amarilla. That means we are half cousins. On the right side of the blog, look for Solomon Goss in Fearing Twp. blog. It is huge and covers quite a bit. At the top are what are called pages and I have Table of Contents for the blogs about the post written that could help you find things. I started out with my trip to Ohio, then Solomon’s children and then is life in Ohio. I am currently writing about his life in Pennsylvania (Westmoreland Co., Litchfield, Conn was the area till 1783 when Pennsylvania took over and Connecticut lost its title to the land around Wilkes-Barre). At some point I went back in time and started to write about Solomon’s father and mother Philip Goss IV and Mary Kendall and their lives and migrations from Brookfield, MA to Connecticut, back to Massachusetts and then to Wyoming Valley in what we call Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Lots of history. Thanks again for stopping by. I love to hear from my cousins. Bonnie

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