BJM’s Cemeteries Discoveries — Cemeteries for the Barclays and some Spracklen/ins

Back in July of 2010 I created a blog titled: BJM’s Cemetery Discoveries – Cemeteries visited over the years throughout the United States and more…on Blogger. I didn’t like that my cemetery photos were gathering dust on my computer so I decided to publish them on that blog.

Since then, I have republished on my other blogs and added to Find A Grave those tombstones that were not already posted on that website.

My BJM Cemeteries Blog

The BJM Cemetery blog statistics at the end are: 81,112 pageviews all time history and followers were 18. I am happy about that.

As of April 2020, I have removed this blog from the internet.

Here is a PDF of the table of contents of the the BJM Cemeteries Blog that you can look at and print and then decide which cemeteries you are interested in.


Then you can go to the PDF of the blog book listed below and open it and study the cemeteries you what to take a look at.


Many of the cemeteries have been featured on my blogs, including this blog. Here are a few:

Community Cemetery, near Millersburg, Iowa – Daniel D. Spracklin burial and family.

Titler Cemetery in northwest of Marengo, Iowa – Elizabeth Keller Spracklin/len and babies are buried there. I also did as many photos as possible to document this cemetery so there are other surnames.

You will need to access my other blogs and find the BJM Cemetery page on each one and look for the cemeteries posted on that blog by using the search box or checking the categories.

Finding Aids to the BJM Cemetery Blog Book:

List of surnames: Aldridge, Allgood, Andrews, Archer, Askins, Beasley, Goggan, Byrd, Crepps, Deese, Delano, Deenis, Dick, Dildine, Doty, Dunn, Emrick, Fellows, Fielder, Gaddy, Gardner, Gaston, Gearhart, Gibbons, Gilbert, Givens, Goings, Goodman, Goss, Hamilton, Harris, Hathcock, Haughenbury, Haukenberry, Haywood, Helt, Henley, Henry Keller Family, Hepard, Hopkins, Hurley, Johnson, Keaton, Keller, Kiker, Kirk, Lawrence, Lee, Lemonds, Lewis, Livengood, Livingston, Maske, McDonald, McIntyre, McRae, Merrifield, Messinger, Morris, Mullins, Myers, Nanny, Nordan, Parsons, Randall, Schmolling, Sensel, Shaw, Shelley, Shepherd, Singleton, Slack, Smith, Smolling, Solomon, Spracklen, Spracklin, Strickland, Strother, Swezey, Thomas, Thompson, Thomson, Tilter, Turner, Ussery, Van Houten, Walters, Wannamaugher, Wintermute, Wyatt, Young

Summary List of Locations by country and state:

Ontario – Renfrew, Glengarry, Hastings; Quebec – Pontiac, Manitoba, British Columbia – Kelowna

United States: Ohio, Pennsylvania – Luzerne County; Michigan – Lenawee Co.; North Carolina (clients family), Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire