George’s Last Patent – #16446 April 5, 1888!

On April 5, 1888, George Angus Barclay purchases land in Barclay Township, Cass County and this time he buys 160 acres!

Patent from BML: Cass County 4/5/1888 St. Cloud #16446. 

This patent is in Cass County in the eastern part of Barclay Township it is east of Norway Lake.  The section on the east of Norway Lake is Section 29 and then over farther to the east is Section 28.  t138r29w5fi01  This old map is part of the website Minnesota Geo Historic Plat Maps  Why did he buy it?  Maybe he was speculating or maybe he was logging?  It is interesting to ponder his motives?

 #16446 George Angus Barclay of Cass Co., Minnesota, St. Cloud, Minn 

The southeast quarter of section twenty-eight in township one hundred and thirty-eight north of range twenty-nine west of the fifth principal meridian in Minnesota containing one hundred and sixty acres. Signed by Grover Cleveland, 4 day of April 1888.

I refer you to my post dated October 29, 2010, “George’s Patents for Land!”  For the summary table I posted there:

This may be the last patent that George Angus Barclay obtained but it is by no means his last or final land deal.  I spent several afternoons in the Cass County Recorder’s office and the Crow Wing Recorder’s office at the respective courthouses and I found a great deal of information on the many deeds and other land transactions of George and Amarilla.  I will share those as I continue through the years of George’s and Amarilla’s lives in future posts.

1875-1876 Commissioner?, 1877 Postmaster, 1879 Patent

George and Amarilla settle in at Pine River.  George helps out the settlers before the county was organized in 1897.   He is given credit under the Cass County Commissioners for his assistance.

Source:  Cass County Heritage, Cass County Historical Society, Taylor Publishing, 1999.

pg. 23 – Cass County Commissioners – “Before the organization of Cass County in 1897, we were under the governance of a number of different counties. Prior to 1897 there were a number of men that intervened for the early settlers of Cass County, Charles Ahrens 1872-1875, George N. Bardwell 1872-1875, George A. Morrison 1872-1875, George A. Barclay 1875-1876, Reuben Gray etc.”

UPDATE:  In the Cass County Courthouse in the Bond Book A pg. 2 we find two entries:  1) Certificate of Election, Filed January 22, 1875 @ 11 O’clock in which George A. Barclay receives the highest votes and is therefore elected County Commissioner for the ensuing term.  2) Oath of Office in which George promises to “faithfully and impartially discharge the duties…” Dated at West Brainerd this 4th day of January A.D. 1875…” 

George also took on the role of postmaster for Pine River

Source:  Record of Appointment of Postmasters, #M841, Roll 63 NARA, Minnesota Counties Aitkin-Faribault Co., Target 14, Cass County, Vol. 39, ca 1871-81, Vol. 57 ca. 1881-1892, Vol. 84 ca. 1892-1930.

George A. Barclay was appointed the postmaster for Pine River in 1877 and continued till his death in 1898.  After him came Edward Coyle 5 Jan. 1899, James R. Kinler May 4, 1899, Eddie J. Holman Mar. 21, 1906, W. P. Stervant 24, Apr. 1914, Elmer Dahl, Irvin Lembke, Dec 2, 1924, Oliver Dahl Oct. 16, 1924 to 1930.

A little over a year after his marriage to Amarilla, George obtains another patent for land.  It is interesting that George states he is from Hennepin Co. and not Cass Co.

3. Patent from BML – Cass County –  9/23/1879 – St. Cloud #7946

#7946 Patent: George A. Barclay of Hennepin County, Minnesota, ….St. Cloud, Minnesota..whereby it appears that full payment has been made by the said George A. Barclay… and the acts supplemental thereto, for the northwest quarter of the northwest quarter of section six in township one hundred and thirty-seven of range twenty-nine in the district of lands subject to sale at Saint Cloud, Minnesota containing forty-one acres, and twenty-one hundredths of an acre.  In testimony whereof., I R. B. Hayes… 23 of September 1879, etc…




NW qtr Sec 6 #7946



The Deed Mapper software does not do 21/100ths so what you see is an approximation of the patent of 41 and 21/100ths of an acre.  We are now carving out the town of Pine River as George adds to his land holdings.

So far we have about 233+ acres of land totalled for George A. Barclay at this time.  We still have more to go and we have not addressed deeds.

1874: Barclay Patents Section 6

Below are two (2) patents that were assigned to George A. Barclay in 1874. They are located in Section 6, Township 137, Range 29.  Section 6 is located in the northwest corner of Wilson Township in Cass County, Minnesota. 

Most of the city of Pine River, Minnesota is located in the northwest corner of Wilson Twp. T137  R29.  To the north is Barclay Twp., T138 R29 and Pine River is in the southwest corner.

1. Patent from BML:  Cass County – 8/1/1874 – St. Cloud #7082  

Patent:  George A. Barclay of Cass County, Minnesota, Register of the Land Office at St. Cloud, Minnesota.  The southeast quarter of the southeast quarter of section six in township one hundred and thirty seven, of range twenty nine in the district of lands subject to sales at St. Cloud, Minnesota, containing 40 acres, signed by U.S. Grant, 1 of August 1874, etc…(Cash Vol. # 166, Page # 167).

Cash Entry Folder Jacket: Reg. Sept. 21, 74 rect. ackd. October 3/74  – #7082 Cash Entry, Land Office at St. Cloud, Min. Sec. 6, Town. 137 Range 29. [Aff o June 20/74. F.O.B., Pd August 7th, 1874, Rec Vol. 12, Page 167 Ex .  Notes in Tract book 3/20/34 JGS. Vol 35  g123 – Sec to S/G F. Alderman, Brainerd, Minn Sept 22/86. 

#7082 Receiver’s Office at St. Cloud, Minn. May 22, 1874, Received from George A. Barclay, of Cass County, Minn. the sum of $50.00  dollars and — cents, being in full for the SE4 SE quarter Section No. 6, Township No. 137, Range No. 29 containing 40 acres — at $1.25 per acre signed by J. V. Brown Receiver.

#7082 Land Office at St. Cloud, Minn, May 22, 1874. It is hereby certified …George A. Barclay, Cass Co., State of Minn on this day purchased of the Register of this Office, the lot or SE4 SE4 Section no. 6, in Township No. 137, of Range No. 29, containing 40 acres at the rate of 1 dollar and 25 centers per acre amounting to $50 dollars and — cents for which the said George A. Barclay has made payment in full as required by law George A. Barclay shall be entitled to receive a Patent for the lot above described signed by H. L. [Lovelace] Register.

2. Patent from BML – Cass County – 8/1/1874 – St. Cloud #7083 

# 7083 Patent:  George A. Barclay of Cass County, Minnesota has deposited in the General Land Office of the United States a Certificate of the Register of the Land Office at St. Cloud, Minnesota, George A. Barclay…The south east quarter of the north west quarter of section six, in Township one hundred and thirty seven, of Range twenty nine in the district of lands subject to sale at St. Cloud, Minnesota, containing forty acres. …Do Give and Grant to said George A. Barclay and to his heirs, the said tract of land, above described. In Testimony Whereof: U.S. Grant… first of August 1874 etc… (Cash Vol# 166 Page #168)


The photo above of Patent #7083 is a copy of the original patent.  It is the only patent that survived to this day of all the patents George purchased and is in the possession of my cousin.  She shared it with me.

Cash Entry Folder Jacket: # 7083 Cash Entry, Land office at St. Cloud, Minn Sec. 6, Town. 137, Range 29, [App] o June 20/74 F.O.B., Pd August 1st 1874. Rec Vol. 12, Page 168 Ex. Notice in Tract Book 3/20/34 JGS, Vol. 35, Pg. 123. Other side:  Pat. August 1, 1874, Vol. 12, Page 168.

#7083 – Receiver’s Office at St. Cloud, Minnesota, May 22, 1874. Received from George A. Barclay of Cass County, Minnesota the sum of fifty and —- cents; being in full for the  SE4 NW quarter of Section No. 6, in Township No. 137, of Range No. 29, containing 40 acres — at $1.25 signed by J.V. [Browner]

#7083 – Land Office at St. Cloud, Minn, May 22, 1874. It is hereby Certified that in pursuance of law George A. Barclay, Cass Co., State of Minn, on this day purchased of the Register of this office, the lot or SE4 NW4 of Section No. 6, in Township No. 137, of Range No. 29, containing 40 acres at the rate of 1 dollar and 25 cents per acre, amounting to 50 dollars and — cents, for which the said George A. Barclay has made payment in full as required by law….George A. Barclay shall be entitled to receive a Patent for the lot above described signed by H. L. [Lovelace] Register.

The 1874 Patents

The patents in bold dark lines were created using the software Deed Mapper a product of Direct Line Software at:  This software is used mostly for complicated state land states like Virginia.  However, it does do a perfect patent for a Federal land state like Minnesota.  The patents are approximate to the topo map Pine River Quadrangle, Minnesota, Cass Co., 7.5 Mte Series Revised 1994.

Over the next series of posts I will build on this map of patents for George Barclay. Click on the map to make it larger so you can see it better. 

 Total acres:  40 acres + 40 acres = 80 acres

Please note that preparing these patents has not been an easy task.  It can get very confusing.  So please refer to previous posts that explain how to read a patent or deed.  I am not claiming that I have it correct so if you think there is a problem write me a comment.  Just click on the title of the post and it will bring up a page where you can write a comment.  The other option is to just click on “Leave a comment” highlighted at the bottom of the post.

George Barclay Purchases Land!

Great grandfather made a critical decision to move his trading post up to the present area of Pine River, Minnesota.

Two years after building his post on the South Branch of the Pine River, George Barclay apparently decided to move and expand his activities.  He chose a site on higher, more open ground located next to land currently occupied by the Durkee Manufacturing Company.   (Logsleds to Snowmobiles, pg. 104, published 1973).

My Aunt Miriam sent this to me as part of her notes about George’s land purchases (1986).  Just click on the photo and it will open up so you can read it.  She mentions three patents and one deed.

George’s Land – Miriam’s Notes

The Logsleds and Snowmobiles book published in 1973 by the town of Pine River for the Bicentennial gives these descriptions of the land holdings on page 105 at the bottom of the 1st column and top of the 2nd.

In 1876, he moved his establishment to higher ground and started purchasing land at the intersection of four townships:  137N-29W (Wilson), 137N-30W (Walden), 138N-29W (Barclay), and 138N-30W (Pine River).  From this site grew the village.  Appropriately, this largest settlement along the river eventually took the name of the river and became “Pine River.” (Logsleds to Snowmobiles, page 1.) 

…Barclay’s land purchases may have been formally registered as early as 1875 and definitely by 1876; however, the abstract indicates that the first purchase of the NW1/4 of the NW1/4 of Section 6, Township 137, Range 29 (Wilson Township) was not recorded as purchased until July 20, 1878, and the patent not received from the federal government until 1879.  On May 15, 1883, he purchased according to record the NE1/4 of the NW1/4 of Section 6, Township 137, Range 29, from the federal government.  (Logsleds to Snowmobiles, page 105).

The final 80 acre purchase of the SE1/4 and the SW1/4 (Lot 7) of the SW1/4 of Section 31, Township 138, Range 29 (Barclay Township) was bought on June 7, 1883 from the Northern Pacific Railway Company for $329.36.  (Logsleds to Snowmobiles, page 105).

I was doing my usual poking around the internet and found that Cass County government has the 2009 Land Atlas & Plat Book for Cass County, Minnesota up for searching.  I own the 2005 published version.  Here is that link:

You can click on various townships and cities in Cass County and pull up great maps in today’s world.

The online version does not seem to have the “Information About Land Descriptions” that appears on pages 8 – 10 in the 2005 published version?  It is very important to understand how to read the land descriptions.  The National Atlas has this link to an explanation of the public land survey system:  It might help to make the above information make more sense.

The National Atlas has been retired and they are now using the following:

I also stumbled on the Heritage Group North website and discovered they were posting excerpts from the Logsleds to Snowmobiles book.  I also noticed that they have referenced this blog! So in the spirit of sharing here is their link along with my thank you:

John Barclay’s Land!

John Barclay really began to set down roots in Minnesota when he was awarded a patent for land in Eagle Creek, Scott Co., Minnesota.  Click on the link “patent” and it will take you to the BLM GLO search field for land patents.  When you locate John Barclay in Scott Co. click on that and you can obtain a copy of the patent.

Per Law of 1855 and Bounty Land given to men of service, Elizabeth Gilpatrick gives land as the widow of Thomas Gilpatrick Private in Captain Daggett’s Company., Massachusetts Militia, War of 1812 to John Barclay – NE qtr of Sec 23, Twp 115N, north of Range 22-West, No Fract. Section, 5th PM, 160 acres, Minnesota, Scott County. Signed by Abraham Lincoln, City of Washington Record Vol. 499, page 123.- #86 791 (291) Accession #MW-0499-123. March 3, 1855: Scrip Warrant Act of 1855 (10 Stat.701), dated 10 September 1861.  Land Office Henderson. Vol. W pg. 249-250, originally issued from Washington City, Family History Film #1043558 Scott Co., Minnesota Deeds/Indexes.

Here is a link to the Maine Genealogy website referencing a source on Massachusetts volunteer militia called out in the war of 1812-1814:  Scroll down to Capt. Daggett’s Co. pg. 180 and you will find several Gilpatrick’s including a Thomas.

Question:  What is the Gilpatrick’s relationship to John Barclay, if any?

This patent is also transcribed in the Deed books for Scott Co. Vol. W, pg. 249-250 FHL#1403558.

I also consulted the Tract Books when I visited the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.  The information I found on those films further verifies and gives additional information about John’s land.

Pg. 55 Part of Section NE 1/4, Section 23, Twp. 115, Range 22 for $160.00, Loc. by John Barclay 1 Dec. 1860 – John Barclay #5522, Mch 12 and June 11, 1856.

Also describes the other sections and who purchased them – James Hamilton NW1/4 and Michael A. Vierling SE1/4, SW1/4 not noted. Second pg. 86791 Oct. 1855 #5871.

Source: Tract Books, Minnesota – John Barclay, U.S. Government, Bureau of Land Management, Vol. 103, Twp. 112-115 N, Range 18 W Vol. 103-105 Twp. 111-115 N Range 19-29 W – Vault Film #1445667, pg. 55.

Approximate Location of Land

Microsofts Streets and Trips 2010 version. Click on the map for a bigger view.

“…Alexander moved to the area of Farmington, Minnesota, not far from Shakopee where George’s father chose to live “because it reminded him of his native Scotland.”  Logsleds to Snowmobiles pg. 105.

In 2007 I traveled to Shakopee, Minnesota and visited the area.  The downtown area of Shakopee has been revitalized and I could not help myself when I saw the sign.

Eagle Creek Road SignShakopee Minnesota 2007

Shakopee Minnesota 2007