Arminda V. Spracklin’s family outline….

Arminda V. Spracklin has a special place in my heart. She is the person who copied the following family history probably from Lydia Spracklin Ross’s records.  Somehow this found its way into the possession of my Aunt Miriam, a granddaughter of Amarilla and she forwarded it to me.  Arminda and her husband Charles Edward Spracklin lived west of Pine River and just how much they interacted with Amarilla is unknown. Charles was a brother to Amarilla.

I have written posts about Arminda and Charles and their family on this blog if you would like to learn more about them.

When I first started researching the Spracklins these three pages were about all I had.  So I wanted to visit Arminda’s grave and did so on a trip to Montana but unfortunately she has no tombstone on her grave in the Sunset Hills Cemetery in Bozeman.  I did visit Charles E. Spracklin’s grave in the Bethlehem Cemetery west and north of Pine River.  I am sure she would want all to have a copy.  Enjoy!




Thank you Arminda for caring about the Spracklins.