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3.  Patent from BML:  Cass 8/1/1874 – St. Cloud #7084

This patent is in Section 12, Twp. 137, R30 and is Waldon Twp.   


Our Target Area of Townships - Cass County



Patent: George A. Barclay of Cass Co., Minnesota office St. Cloud, Minnesota, George A. Barclay the northwest quarter of the northwest quarter of Section 12, in Twp. One hundred and thirty seven of Range thirty in the district of lands subject to sale at St. Cloud, Minnesota, containing forty acres.  US Grant, first of August 1874. 

Cash Entry Folder – 7084 St. Cloud, Minn Sec 12, Twp. 137, Range 30, [App] o June 20/74 FOB, Pd August 1st 1874 Rec Vol. 12, Page 168 Ex notice in Tract Book 3/20/34 JGS, Vol. 35, Pg. 16. Other side:  Pat. August 1, 1874, Vol. 12, Page 168. 

Receiver’s Office at St. Cloud, Minnesota, May 22, 1874 George A. Barclay of Cass Co., Minnesota the sum of fifty NW4 NW Section 12, twp. 137, range 30, containing 40 acres at $1.25 signed by J.V. [Browner]

Land Office at St. Cloud, Minn, May 22, 1874 George A. Barclay, Cass Co., State of Minn NW4 NW4 section 12, twp. 137, range 30, containing 40 acres at the rate of 1 dollar and 25 centers per acre amounting to $50 dollars has made payment in full as required by law George A. Barclay shall be entitled to receive a Patent for the lot above described signed by H. L. [Lovelace] Register.

Here is the approximate location of this section of land:


1874 Walden Twp #7084



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