Things are changing…Scotland Trip to be moved…

Hello:  I am in the process of turning my trip to Scotland into a PDF because of space issues on The Man Who Lived Airplanes Blog where I have presented the details over several posts. This means that the posts will eventually disappear on that blog.  There is a page that I am getting ready for this turn of events.

This process will take place over the next months and be complete by June 2020. So instead of posts about the trip to Scotland in 2018 there will be a PDF on a page with information on the Blog The Man Who Lived Airplanes. You will be able to click on the PDF and search through the document. There will be a table of contents of the posts and a description of their content.

This was an EPIC trip in May of 2018 and I can’t believe it has almost been two years since we visited Scotland.  I highly recommend it, even the driving on the left…giggle.


This photo is looking from Edinburgh Castle to the north and the Royal Mile.

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