Minerva Parks Barclay Remarries…

Minerva Parks Barclay, after the disappearance of her husband John Barclay, remarried to Charles Buchwald on the 19th of June 1886 in Los Angeles, California.

I ponder what it might have been like for Minerva.  What happened, did John just disappear or did the marriage end, was there foul play and he was killed? At this point we do not know.

The following is taken from Wikipedia:

Several criteria affect declaring someone dead by assumption:

  • A person’s being missing from their home or usual residence for, typically, seven years (the period varies from state to state)
  • Such absences being continuous and without explanation
  • Such absences being accompanied by a lack of long-distance communication with those most likely to hear from them
  • Diligent but unsuccessful search for that person and inquiry into their whereabouts.

Apparently a missing person requires to be missing 7 years in California and it is called Presumption of death.  In the affidavits written by John, Ellen and Sarah Agnes Blinn they mention a diligent search was performed.  Boy would I love to know what that all meant.  I am assuming that the divorce Minerva obtained was probably “desertion.”

In any event, the John Barclay born about 1835-36 in Scotland, disappeared.  His wife Minerva Parks remarried and she lived the remainder of her life in California in the San Francisco area.  She died 30 June 1926 and is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.  Find A Grave does not have her listed at this time.

Minerva is alone in the 1880 U.S. Census in Sonoma County, California where we find her with her two children, I have posted about this before but feel it is important to repeat it for consistency sake.

Line 20 ___,186 Barkley, Lulu W, F, 31, married, house keepr, born New York, parents born Penn. Barkley, John W, M, 13, son, at home, born Wisconsin, father born Scotland, mother born New York. Barkley, Ella, W, F, 11, daughter, born Wisconsin, father born Scotland, mother born New York.

Source: Lulu Barkley Family, 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Sonoma, Sonoma Co., California,pg. 27, Dist. No. 3rd, ED #120, 16th of June, 1880, A. Drahnis, #14 

We move forward to 1900 and she is married and living with her family in San Francisco.  It looks like she had more children with Charles: Mable, Maggie and Godfrey however, she would be 43 years old when Mable was born?  The interesting part is the her mother, Louisa, is living with them.

Line 83, 227, 191, 196, Buchwald, Charles, Head, W, M, March 1857, 43, M, 14, born Ohio, parents Germany. Buchwald, [Mary], wife, W, F, April 1850, 50, M, 14, 5, 2, born PA. Steadman, Raymond, grandson, W, M, May 1884, 16, S, born California. Parks, Louisa, mother in law, W, F, July 1826, 72, W, 1, 1, born PA, Buchwald, Mabel, daughter, W, F, ____1893, 7, S, born California. 

Line 88, 27, 192, 197, Buchwald, Maggie, Head, W, F, June 1890, 20, S, born Ohio. 193, 198 Buchwald, Godfrey, Brother, W, M, Oct, 1891 19, S, born Ohio. 

Source:  Charles Buchwald Family, 1900 U.S. Federal Census, San Francisco, San Francisco Co., California SD#1, ED#141, Sheet #[10], 36th assembly district, enumerated 8 June 1900, by Henry D. [Faumey]. 

1910 Census for the Charles Buchwald family.

Flood St.- Line 95, 324, 158, 170, Buchwald, Chaley F. Head, M, W, 56, M1, 24, born Ohio, father born Germany, mother born Germany, English, Cook, Restaurant, W, No, O, yes, yes, yes, O, Ti, H.

Buckwald, Lulu, wife, F, W, 62, M2, 24, 5, 2, born PA, parents born PA, English, None, yes, yes, no.

Buckwald, Mable, daughter, F, W, 17, S, born California, Father Ohio, Mother PA, English, none.

Buckwald, Violet, Daughter, F, W, 9, born California, father born Ohio, mother PA, English, none.

Barclay, John A. Boarder, M, W, 42, D, born Minnesota, father Scotland, mother PA, English, Carpenter, House, W, no, 5, yes, yes, no.

Steadman, Raymond, Boarder, M, W, 25, S, born California, father born Germany, mother Minnesota, English, carpenter, House, W, no, 0, yes, yes, no.

Source: 1910 U.S. Federal Census, San Francisco, San Francisco Co., California, 33 District, SD#4, ED# 71, Sht#7, enumerated on 30 April 1910 by C.A. Parker.

It is interesting that John Barclay is with his mother and Violet is listed as a Buckwald, I thought she was John and Harriette’s child?  It seems I need to look for several divorces to learn what is happening with this family and do more digging.

1920 Census they are still living on Flood street.

Line 12 Flood Ave., 324, 4, 4, Buchwald, Charles, Head, O, M, M, W, 62, M, yes, yes, born Ohio, born Germany, parents born Germany, speaks German, yes, cook, restaurant, W 954.

Buchwald, Mevia, wife, F, W, 68, M, yes, yes, New York, parents born New York, none.

Buchwald, Violet, 18, S, yes, yes, California, father born Ohio, mother New York, sales lady, store, W, 791.

Barclay, John, boarder, M, W., 51, D, yes, yes, Minnesota, father born Scotland, mother New York, carpenter, house, w, 148.

Line 16, 318, 5, 5, Steadman, Raymond, Head, O, M, M, W, 35 M, yes, yes, California, parents born US, boiler maker, shipyards, W, 140. Steadman, Lucille, wife, F, W, 27, M, yes, yes, California, parents born Ireland, none.

Source:  Charles Buchwald Family, 1920 U.S. Federal Census, San Francisco, San Francisco Co., California, Distr. 24, Precinct 42, SD #4, ED #323, Sht#12A, 8 January 1920, Grace E.Cahill.

Minerva Parks Barclay Buchwald died in 1926. The fate of Charles her husband is unknown at this time.

Funeral of Minerva Buchwald, 346 Flood Ave, Charged to Chas. Buchwald, 346 Flood Ave, DOD June 30, 1926, DOB April 20, 1850, Age 76 years 2 Mos. 10 days. Place of death 346 Flood Ave (San Francisco) Cause of Death Chronic Modalities, Dr. F. W. Lowe. Occupation at home, married, POB New York, Name of Father A.D. Parks, BP New York, Maiden Name of mother unknown, BP New York. At place of death 21 years, Resided in California 50 years, Date of funeral July 3, 1926, Chapel, 3 pm. Rev. Feix, Interment in Mt. Olivet.

Funeral Notice – Buchwald – In this city, June 30, 1926 Minerva Buchwald, beloved wife of Charles Buchwald, loving mother of John A. Barclay, Mrs. Ella Sears, Mrs. Mabel Bishop, Mrs. Violet Broman, devoted grandmother of Raymond Steadman a native of New York. Aged 70 years 2 months 10 days. Friends are invited to attend the funeral services today (Saturday: at 3 pm, at the chapel of H.F. Suer Co. 2910 Mission St., near 25th St.) Interment private.

Source: Funeral Record for Minerva Buchwald, June 30, 1926 in California.

After studying all the information about John Barclay and Minerva Parks, and their two children John Avery and Sarah Ellen (Helen), I have to say it has been a challenge to find the documents and sources and make sense of the information because the information was not always consistent from source to source. There are so many questions yet to find answers to regarding this family and the descendants. I thank my cousin LeeAnn for her help and for sharing with me.

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