Another Grand-daughter arrives in January of 1906…

Amarilla added to her duties as grandmother with another grandchild.

Miriam McDonald about 1909

Miriam McDonald about 1909

This grandchild was Miriam Audrey Amarilla McDonald.  Miriam was born the 15th of January 1906 in International Falls where her parents Grace (Barclay) and R.S. McDonald had moved. She was baptized on February 4, 1906 under the name Maria.  Her godfather was John McDonald and godmother was Mrs. McDonald.  I think the sponsors were R.S.’s brother and wife.

Miriam about 1913

Miriam about 1913

I have no baby pictures of Miriam. Most of the photos start when she was about 3 or 4 years old.

Miriam has been featured in her brother Keith’s blog “The Man Who Lived Airplanes.”  You can find the link to this blog on the right side panel of this blog.  Just put Miriam in the search engine of that blog and you will find lots of articles and pictures of her and her family.  I found about 10 posts.

Miriam is very important, because she was the one that got the writer of this blog and the others interested in the family genealogy.  In about 1967 she sent me six pages of typewritten notes on our family.  Later I was to find more and it eventually became about nine pages.  I am greatly indebted to Miriam for these notes and have shared them on this blog and the one mentioned above.

Miriam about 1940

Miriam about 1940

This photo above is one of my favorites of her.  She never married but had a long good life traveling to many places in the world, teaching ninth grade English for years at Franklin High School in Yakima. She was devoted to her family up to the very end.  Oh, she made the best Pecan pie ever…!

4 thoughts on “Another Grand-daughter arrives in January of 1906…

    • Well you and I are 4th cousins and she is older so she is 3rd cousin once removed from you. She is sister to my father Keith and therefore my Aunt, of course. You would have liked her, a bit sharped tongued however. She had a great laugh. She and my mother went to Russia together in 1972 before it was opened up like today. They went west from Alaska and back.

      • What fun memories ! I’m thinking the sharp tongue, independent, and adventure-wanderlust are more than a little genetic!

      • Miriam was very independent and if I am correct she made it to all continents but Africa and maybe South America. She went to the Holy Land twice. She used to say we were “Dour” Scotsman. Yeah, I am very grateful for her notes they have helped a lot and she was pretty on target, a little few things mixed but on the whole she did a good job consider she did this back in the mid part of this last century…no internet, no computers.

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