1898 – Amarilla Handles a few land Transactions!

Meanwhile, back in Pine River in 1898, Amarilla was involved in some land transactions.

May 3, 1898 she is involved with a deed where she is buying land from an Erik Thunell.  George witnessed this deed for her.

Instrument No. 3928, Erick Thunell of the county of ___ (cut off), State of Minnesota to Ammarilla Barclay of the County of Cass State of Minnesota consideration of one hundred and sixty ($160.00) to him paid…the East 1/2 one half of the southwest quarter (E SW) (32) township one hundred thirty-eight (138) Range ______(cut off). Signed by Erick Thun___ (cut off). Witnessed by G.A. Barclay and Wm. Fuller. 

Written on the side: Affidavit See K of Misc. pg. 519. 

Source:  Erik Thunell to Ammarilla Barclay, Deed Book P, pg. 164, 3 May, 1898, Instrument #3928, Cass Co., Register of Deeds, Minnesota.  This deed was a form and some of the writing was cut off on the side of the page.

A couple of months later on August 23, 1898 at 4 pm Amarilla buys land from a E.W. Davis.  This time George is not a witness.  The amount of the transaction is $950.00, was this money George gave Amarilla or was it her own?  These are lots in Brainerd.

Deed between E. W. Davis and Amarilla

Portion of a Deed between E. W. Davis and Amarilla

E. W. Davis to Ammarilla Barclay. This Indenture made this 16th Day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety-eight between E. W. Davis, and Nellie G. Davis his wife of the County of Pipestone and State of Minnesota, parties of the first part and Ammarilla Barclay of the County of Cass and State of Minnesota, party of the second part. Witnessth that the said parties of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of nine hundred and fifty and no/100 dollars _____in hand part by the said party of the second part. The receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged do by these presents grants bargains sell [revise], release and convey unto the said party of the second part and her heirs in and assigns forever all the following described lot, piece or parcel of land situate in the County of Crow Wing and the State of Minnesota, and known as follows to wit: lots numbered nineteen (19 and Twenty (20) of block numbered one hundred (100) of the original Town (now city) of Brainerd of the recorded plat there of an filed in the office of the register of deeds for the County of Crow Wing in the State of Minnesota – To Have and to Hold the same together with all the hereditments and appurtenances thereunto belonging ______________unto the said party of the second part his heirs and assigns forever, and the said E. W. Davis and Nellie G. Davis, parties of the first part for and of themselves their heirs executors and administrators do covenent with the said party of the second part his heirs and assigns that they _____ not made, done ____________ or suffered any act of thing whatsoever, whereby the above described premises or any part thereof ____or at any time hereafter shall or may be ______________charges or encumbered in any manner whatsoever. and the _______ granted premises against all ______lawfully claiming the same _____through or under the said E. W. Davis the said party of the first part will forever warrant and defend. In testimoney whereof the said party of the first part have hereunto their hands and seals this day and year first above written. Signed, Sealed and delivered in the presence of Marion Hanna and S.E. Wharton. Signed by E. W. Davis and Nellie G. Davis.

State of Minnesota County of Pipestone
On this 16th day of August AD 1898 before me a Notary Public within the foresaid County personally appeared E. W. Davis and Nellie G. Davis husband and wife. ____known to be the Persons described in and who executed the foregoing and ____instrument, and acknowledged that they executed the same as their free act and deed. S.E. Wharton, Notary Public in and for Pipestone Co., Minnesota.

Source:  E. W. Davis to Ammarilla Barclay, Special Warranty Deed, Filed August 23, 1898 4 pm #10691, Vol. 9, pg. 129-130, Crown Wing Co., Minnesota.  This deed was a challenge to read and you can see I did not get quite a lot of the words. Sometimes I have to read a deed several times before I get all the words.  I think we can figure out what is happening.

So Amarilla is buying lots in Brainerd.  I wonder why?  Were George and Amarilla planning on retiring in Brainerd?  He was 54 years old and she was just about 40.  They had been working the land and businesses in Pine River for 25 years.  Oh there could be so many reasons, I guess I will never know.

On the City of Brainerd website there are maps and they have a 1892 Sanborn Map that features the blocks and lots for Brainerd. The one that Amarilla is focusing on is page #3.  Block 100 is between E. Ivy and E. Juniper and N. Broadway and N. 9th St.  Click on the image and scroll to the bottom.  Unfortunately I cannot find this block on a current map online.  Cities are known for changing street names over the years.  If anyone knows where this is located please let me know.

Sanborn 1892 Brainerd

Sanborn 1892 Brainerd

UPDATE:  Thanks too two very nice persons who commented on this post (see comments), the other map titled Turner 1871 also shows the 100 block in Brainerd (Lots 19 and 20).  According to this map the land is not to far from the Courthouse in with the Barclay’s did a lot of business and the Episcopal Church, well if it is St. Paul’s then they have their marriage record.  I did seek out St. Paul’s church when I visited but can’t seem to find my picture.  I was so close. Brainerd City website: http://www.ci.brainerd.mn.us/DocumentCenter/View/2704

 http://www.ci.brainerd.mn.us/docs/maps/historic/Turner1871.pdf  Be patient it does open but slowly.


4 thoughts on “1898 – Amarilla Handles a few land Transactions!

  1. Juniper is the street that runs along the south edge of Gregory Square/Park. Ivy is the next street north. Broadway is now usually called 8th street. 9th would be the next street to the east. I believe the blocks are all numbered on the Turner 1871 map which shows the original street names as well. You can find the Turner map on the Brainerd history website (the one that has all the old maps on it). Hope this helps! Maybe you can find more info in the old city directories as to whether there were houses present. Good hunting! Christy

    • Christy: Thanks for the tips on the streets in Brainerd. I will check it out. That is a good idea about the city directories. At least one of the lots has a building according to the Sanborn Map. One thing is for sure my great grandparents were very mysterious at times. HA!

  2. Two interesting things surface from what I have read. First, Pipestone, MN (where my father and sister live) has the same watertower as Brainerd, MN–only two surviving ones. It’s close to where your Barclays bought land in Brainerd. Interesting that the people they purchased the land from were from Pipestone… Secondly, If you go to mapquest, you can locate the land parcels, with trees and the whole thing. Looks like there may be a house still there. The location is across from Gregory Park in Brainerd–just north of downtown.

    There are some old restored buildings downtown, south of their location and across the railroad tracks… The lots your relatives acquired were probably for residential use… The Episcopal Church, shown on the older map may still be there… But all of the streets are aligned and listed as the map shown on your blog, except for Broadway, it’s 8th street. I think at one time Broadway in Brainerd was a pretty busy thorough fare… Things changed with road building and traffic rerouting… No plans to go to Brainerd currently, or would check it out for you. I have traveled through there many times. We call it Minneapolis north, as has many big box stores, etc. now! Enjoy reading your posts.

    • Joan: Hello and thanks for stopping by. Yes, it is interesting that the Grantor was living in Pipestone. Pipestone County is not that close to Crow Wing. I agree that they were probably residential use. I have been to Brainered about three times but pretty much stay close to the main roads and not wander off too much. Brainerd is very much a part of my great grandparents lives – George and Amarilla. They were married there, raced to save their baby son when he drank some tonic he should not have, met there and are buried in the Evergreen Cemetery. I believe George spent plenty of time in the courthouse till Cass was finally organized. Thanks for your comments and will check out Mapquest. If you ever do get to Minneapolis north, let me know, of course I just may have to visit again, there is always something to research in Minnesota.

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