George’s Last Patent – #16446 April 5, 1888!

On April 5, 1888, George Angus Barclay purchases land in Barclay Township, Cass County and this time he buys 160 acres!

Patent from BML: Cass County 4/5/1888 St. Cloud #16446. 

This patent is in Cass County in the eastern part of Barclay Township it is east of Norway Lake.  The section on the east of Norway Lake is Section 29 and then over farther to the east is Section 28.  t138r29w5fi01  This old map is part of the website Minnesota Geo Historic Plat Maps  Why did he buy it?  Maybe he was speculating or maybe he was logging?  It is interesting to ponder his motives?

 #16446 George Angus Barclay of Cass Co., Minnesota, St. Cloud, Minn 

The southeast quarter of section twenty-eight in township one hundred and thirty-eight north of range twenty-nine west of the fifth principal meridian in Minnesota containing one hundred and sixty acres. Signed by Grover Cleveland, 4 day of April 1888.

I refer you to my post dated October 29, 2010, “George’s Patents for Land!”  For the summary table I posted there:

This may be the last patent that George Angus Barclay obtained but it is by no means his last or final land deal.  I spent several afternoons in the Cass County Recorder’s office and the Crow Wing Recorder’s office at the respective courthouses and I found a great deal of information on the many deeds and other land transactions of George and Amarilla.  I will share those as I continue through the years of George’s and Amarilla’s lives in future posts.


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