George Barclay Acquires Another Patent!

George continues to manage his land acquisitions and in 1884 he adds still more to his holdings and in that process he is acquiring a little more of the soon to be Pine River.  It is interesting that his location is Hennepin County in this patent?

4. Patent from BML – Cass May 10, 1884, St. Cloud #11834

#11834 Patent: G. A. Barclay of Hennepin Co., Minnesota, …St. Cloud, Minnesota whereby it appears that full payment has been made by the said G.A. Barclay…and the acts supplemental thereto, for the north east quarter of the north west quarter of section six in township one hundred and thirty-seven north, of range twenty-nine west of the Fifth Principal Meridian in Minnesota containing forty acres, and eighteen hundredths of an acre…In Testimony Whereof, I, Chester A. Arthur… 10 of May 1884, etc…

#11834 Patent Added 1884

Click on the map and you will be able to study it in more detail.  Now that I am back from all my trips I can revisit all these land acquisitions and see if they are correct.  The Deed Mapper software is not as helpful in the land states as it is in the colonial states.


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