A Deed: The Northern Pacific Railroad & George – 1883

Meanwhile, George A. Barclay continues to add to his land holdings.

My Aunt Miriam in her notes and the book  “Logsleds to Snowmobiles” mention the Northern Pacific Railroad purchase on June 7, 1883.

“…The final 80 acre purchase of the SE1/4 and the SW1/4 (Lot 7) of the SW1/4 of Section 31, Township 138, Range 29, (Barclay Township) was bought on June 7, 1883 from the Northern Pacific Railway Company for $329.36.” (Logsleds – book page 105, 2nd column at the top)

This purchase is a warranty deed 2 pages long which was filed at the Cass County Courthouse on October 30th A.D. 1883 at 9 a.m.  The Grantor was the North Pacific Railroad Co., Minnesota and Dakota Division to George A. Barclay, Grantee #4382.   It was for $329.36, Deed Book F, pg. 167-168.

“…assigns the following described tracts or parcels of land lying and being in the county of Cass in the State of Minnesota that is to say South east quarter of south-west Quarter (SE1/4 SW1/4) and Lot Seven (7) of Section Thirty-one (31) in Township one hundred and thirty-eight (138) north of Range Twenty-nine (29) West of the fifth principal Meridian containing according to the United States Government survey eighty-two 34/100 (82-34/100) acres more or less…

This deed is located in Barclay Township.  It is interesting to note that McNannie is not listed on this deed.   The other problem is that there is a difference in the two descriptions.  So I went back to both and reviewed them carefully to make sure I had transcribed them faithfully, which I have done.  Therefore I have boldy placed the square representing this deed on the map.  The arrow is pointing to the areas in question. 

#4382 Northern Pacific RR Deed is Added

DeedMapper software that creates deeds does not do small Lots for the land state lands like Minnesota.   The land was 82 34/100’s acres and again Deed Mapper created a deed of 80 acres which is slightly smaller than the original.   

So this is an approximation of the Northwest Railroad deed! A copy of the clerk’s book record is available by contacting the compiler or going to the Cass County Recorder’s office at the courthouse in Walker, Minnesota.

I returned to my DeedMapper Help section to make sure I had faithfully captured the topo map and that my deeds are correct and my acreage is right?  I have not reached a conclusion yet.  

So I ask that you are very careful and realize that this is not an easy task.  Please do not take my word for what you see in the maps, instead read the deeds and patents carefully and draw your own conclusions.  I do believe they are in the right area, just not sure about the acreage. 

The quote from Logsleds also says the “final.”  George and Amarilla left a tremendous paper trail in the Recorder’s office at Cass County, there are also some land transactions in the Crow Wing Recorder’s office.  I stopped counting at 40 today!  My spreadsheet is about 13 pages and double-sided.  Oh, did I mention surveying the land….again?  I am not done.    

Northern Pacific Railroad Guide to Company Records: 



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