George Barclay & D. McNanny – A Partnership in 1875?

Many sources point out that George A. Barclay formed a partnership with a D. McNannie.  The “Logsleds…” book has a full page picture of this man sitting in a chair and make several references to him in the book.  They suggest McNannie was a mixed blood Ojibwe. 

Studying the land laws of the United States back in 1875 might show some interesting reasons for this partnership.  The whole issue of land and the Indians is very complicated and subject to the laws of the U.S. Federal Governments. 

In checking on McNanny/Nannie at the BML website I did not find any other patents in his name, only the two he purchased with George back in 1875. 

Interestingly these two patents are in Section 8 of T137 R29 Wilson Township.  Visualize the northwest corner of Wilson Township – Section 6:  On its right to the east is Section 5.  South of Section 6 is Section 7 and to its right going east is Section 8.  So Section 8 is diagonal to Section 6 and to the southeast.  The Pine River flows through this Section 8 and the Leech Lake Military Trail follows the river. 

1.  Cass  County – 5/1/1875 – St. Cloud #7373

#7373 Patent – D. McNanny and George Barclay of Cass Co., Minnesota, ….deposited in…St. Cloud, Minnesota the South East quarter of the North East quarter of Section eight in township one hundred and thirty-seven of range twenty-nine in the District of Lands subject to sale at St. Cloud, Minnesota containing 40 acres…said tract has been purchased by the said D. McNanny and George Barclay…In Testimoney Whereof, I, Ulysses S. Grant…have caused these letters to be made PATENT.. 1 of May 1875 etc…

2.  Cass County – 5/1/1875 – St. Cloud #7374 

 #7374 Patent – D. McNanny and George Barclay of Cass Co., Minnesota, St. Cloud, Minnesota the lot numbered six of section eight in township one hundred and thirty-seven of range twenty-nine in the District of lands subject to sale at St. Cloud, Minnesota containing 32 acres and seventy-five hundredths of an acre..DO GIVE AND GRANT, unto the said D. McNanny and George Barclay…In Testimony Whereof, F.  Ulysses S. Grant…1 of May 1875, etc…

In Summary

1.  #7373 SE1/4 of the NE1/4 in Section 8 Township 137, Range 29.  This is approximately where this piece of land is located. Click on the map to make it bigger.

Patent #7373 Added

2.  Lot Six (6) in Section 8 Township 137, Range 29. My Deed Mapper software will not do lot’s.  So I do not show this patent on the above topo map. Further detail will be needed to find this particular lot being referred to in this patent.  It is in the same location as #1. 

Go back to the Minnesota Public Land Survey website and you will see a survey done in 1865 that makes this very interesting reading.  Select the township 137 and the range 29 and it will bring up this old map of the area that is very interesting and closer to what George and McNannie knew in 1875. 

Total acres:  40 + 32 75/100th = 40+32 75/100th acres

Another puzzling thing is that this is in Wilson Twp. not Barclay Twp.  as some sources suggest.  Since I could not find any more patents except these two for McNannie he would have to have purchased land elsewhere by deed.  Barclay Twp. is T138 R29 and Wilson is T137 R29. 

Our Target Area of Townships - Cass County

It is interesting to me that they spell McNannie’s name in different ways which is not a surprise but means you do have to be diligent when researching him.  It might be interesting to study the deeds of Cass and Crow Wing for McNannie.  I have not done that at this time concentrating on George and Ammarilla.

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